About the Artist


I don’t remember being brave. I was afraid of the weight of things, not just figuratively, but the literal weight of objects in the world. I would constantly ask how much the house weighed or how structures worked. I thought that if I knew how the building stayed standing that it would continue to do so. This is exactly what I try to do in my work. By breaking down these anxieties into selected moments I can understand their architecture and effectively communicate them.

    The work is an exploration of communication and empathy, both intimate and public, verbal and non-verbal. The banners displaying my words, which are mined directly from my diaries, represent how the regular actions of living can feel like and function as public announcements of failure. The clothing tags function in the opposite way, small and imperceptible to anyone who isn’t already aware of their existence, they act as a reminder to the wearer that they aren’t alone in their experiences. There are some experiences that I don’t have language for, but I approach the expression in the same way. These are my words and my experiences, but through sharing them I find that I do not feel alone in them. Through the video and weaving work I try to create intimacy by using my body to communicate feelings, like the inability to take in air or breathe properly. If I have done that correctly you won’t realize it, but you were holding your breath too.


Hannah Tuck 2018